F I O N N A   T A M

A B O U T  M E

artist . designer . photographer . amateur adventurer

Fionna Tam was born in the USA in the state of California where she still resides. Drawing and painting came into her life at a very young age and though it hibernates sometimes, it has never left her.

Much of her inspiration is drawn from nature and the dreams that leave a lasting impression in her waking life. She strives to capture the vulnerable and delicate nature of fleeting emotions and fragile states of the mind through symbolism. 
Often you  can find her adventuring in the outdoors, spending weekends chasing stars and lying beneath them. Whether infinite or finite, the skies above are her subject of obsession through the camera lens and as well on paper. 

Medium of Choice: Watercolors and Digital (Procreate through iPad)
Paper of choice is Arches mainly but preferably in block form over the loose sheets.
Paints used most are M.Graham watercolors.
Camera: Sony A7iii

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